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Trading in industrial explosive materials, including destruction activities

Last modified: 22/04/2021

1. Legal Based. WTO, ACIA, Vietnam – Japan BIT

Ordinance No. 07/2013 / UBTVQH13 dated July 12, 2013 amending and supplementing a number of articles of the Ordinance on the management and use of weapons, explosives and supporting tools

2. Detailing Conditions

2.1. WTO: Not allowed to distribute explosives

2.2. ACIA: does not license foreign investors for the following industries: Production and supply of industrial explosives used in oil and gas activities; Production and supply of explosives.

2.3. The Vietnam – Japan BIT: No permits for investment in the production of explosives and weapons

2.4. The Law of Vietnam: The organization producing and trading in industrial explosives is the State enterprise assigned the task by the Prime Minister at the request of the Ministries of Industry and Trade, Public Security and National Defense.

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