Company Incorporation Services in Vietnam

Technical inspection and analysis services (cpc 8676)

Last modified: 22/04/2021

1. Legal Based


Decree 140/2007/ND-CP dated Septemper 5, 2007

2. Detailing Conditions

2.1. WTO, FTAs, AFAS: Unlimited, except after 3 years until Vietnam allows a private service provider to engage in service business without prior competition from the private sector due to this service being provided. Government permits the establishment of joint ventures with unlimited on foreign capital. After 05 years from the date of allowing a private service provider to participate in the business of this service: unlimited.

Particularly, foreign investors from ASEAN member countries are provided with inspection and technical analysis services (including services related to ingredient inspection and quality inspection)

Access to certain geographic areas may be restricted for national security reasons.

2.2.  The law of Vietnam:

  • For services provided to exercise the Government’s authority, it may be provided in the form of a joint venture only after 3 (three) years or in other forms after 5 (five) years from the date of the private enterprise personnel are allowed to trade in such services.
  • The implementation of technical inspection and analysis services is restricted to operations in geographical areas defined by competent authorities for security and defense reasons.
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