Company Incorporation Services in Vietnam

Labor Outsourcing Services

Last modified: 20/05/2021

1. Legal Based

Labor Code 2012

Decree 55/2013/ND-CP dated May 22, 2013

Circular 01/2014/TT-BLDTBXH dated January 8, 2014

2. Detailing Conditions

2.1. WTO, FTAs: Not included in the Schedule.

2.2. The law of Vietnam:

a) Investment form: joint venture with domestic enterprises.

b) Foreign investors:

– Must be an enterprise specializing in sub-lease labor business, with capital and total asset value of 10 billion VND or more (determined by one of the following documents: Business registration license of enterprises, including sub-lease labor activities, sub-lease labor licenses issued by competent authorities of the host country; other documents issued by competent agencies of the host countries. enterprises to conduct sub-lease labor activities).

– Having worked in the field of sub-lease labor for 5 years or more (determined by the contract under which the enterprise has conducted the outsourcing operation, which shows the operating time for the employee). re-employment has been licensed according to the regulations of the host country and related documents (if any).

– Having a certificate from a competent authority of the host country certifying that the enterprise and the representative of the enterprise’s capital contribution have not committed any violations against the laws of the host country or the relevant country’s laws.

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