DUONG LUAT is one of the first law firm in providing comprehensive consulting services to clients. Therefore, not only we provide solutions and support in resolving legal issues for our clients, but also connect and link with them to meet their essential requirements.

Through our experience, we have developed vital tools for investing, establishing and operating corporates without spending a lot of time, effort and funding, especially for critical issues. Our strengths are in-depth consultancy on investment, trading, real estate, tax, corporate restructuring, finance, industrial property and in other traditional fields such as litigation, representation in mediation and dispute resolution in commercial and civil areas.


# Foreign Investment Consulting Services

  • Registration of a Subsidiary company for foreign entrepreneurs
  • Branch office registration services
  • Representative office registration services
  • Providing registered office address for a company
  • Assistance in opening a corporate bank account
  • Registration of the amendment, supplement of Investment Registration Certificate
  • Registration of merge and acquisition by foreign investors
  • Consulting services for transformation and company restructuring

# Company Formation Services

  • Registration services of the company for Vietnamese Residents
  • Registration services of Branch, Representative Office
  • Enterprise Registration Certificate Amendments/ Supplements Services
  • Company Cancelation/ Dissolution Services
  • Providing registered office address for a company
  • Assistance in opening a corporate bank account

# Business Licenses Services

  • Wholesale and Retail Business License
  • Retail Business License with the First Shop License
  • Medical Equipment Trading License
  • Notification and registration websites
  • Pest Control Services License
  • Liquor Retail License
  • Food Safety License

# Business Matching Services

Business Matching Services dedicated to helping you identify and screen potential business partners in Vietnam. We arrange business matching appointments for you to meet the prospective companies. You can start business negotiations immediately for a trade relationship, a franchise, a joint venture, or an acquisition.

# Tax – Accounting Services (SMEs)

Monthly and quarterly tax reports

  • Classify, collect accounting documents
  • Instruct on how to write and manage invoices, receipts, payment bills, etc
  • Declare and submit monthly/quarterly VAT report
  • Report the situation of monthly and quarterly invoice usage
  • Report quarterly corporate income tax
  • Draft Annual Finance Statement

Management of bookkeeping

  • Make receipts and pay bills, journal ledger, ledger, detailed ledger, … as prescribed by law
  • Instruct how to bind the accounting documents in accordance with general standards
  • Enter in the accounts and record the bookkeeping by accounting software
  • Print and bind accounting documents, accounting books


  • Payroll Calculation and Reports; monthly payroll processing and bank transfer preparation.
  • Statutory Lodgments: monthly/quarterly PIT declarations, monthly SHUI (insurance) declarations for employees, and annual PIT finalizations; and
  • Other payroll support, including terminations, bonuses, warnings, and other matters arising within a business.

# Translation Services

Translation Services for Multiple Languages Documents accompanied by

  • Judicial Certification Services
  • Consular Legalization Services
  • Certification of True Copy Services

Translation Service for Legal Documents

  • Financial statements, tax documents, banking documents, customs, financial and tax documents;
  • Documents in asset transactions;
  • Specialized certificates, study records, profile;
  • Types of contracts, cooperation agreements, memoranda of understanding;
  • Documents related to the litigation process, lawsuit petition, evidence, supporting documents;
  • Profile, construction project document, investment project in all fields;
    Other Legal documents, providing legal documents in English

# Legal In-House Counsel Services

The key tasks our In-House Counsel Services provide include:

  • Provide advice regarding terminating labour contracts with employees or reviewing employee benefit issues.
  • Reviewing and revising employee handbooks and internal labour regulations.
  • Auditing fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Making contract review and analysis.
  • Covenants not to compete.
  • Providing advice on how to manage the legal risks for clients.
  • Carrying out due diligence on M&A.
  • Negotiating lease and Independent contractor agreements.
  • Providing on-call advice to executives and management.
  • Identifying, vetting, engaging, and managing special outside counsel.
  • Making entity selection, analysis, and review.
  • Providing corporate secretarial function.
  • Preparing corporate minutes and resolutions.
  • Business Planning.
  • Settlement negotiations.
  • Workforce Reductions.
  • Licensing issues.

# Intellectual Properties Services

  • Drafting patent claims and specifications, and preparing, filing, and securing registration of patent/industrial design.
  • Conducting patent and industrial design searches and advising on patentability.
  • Advising and assisting in the annuity of patents.
  • Assisting in appeals against oppositions and taking cancellation actions relating to patent and industrial designs.
  • Taking prosecution of trademark applications in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and other countries.
  • Taking prosecution of regional and/or international trademark applications under Community Trade Mark (CTM) and/or Madrid Agreement/Madrid Protocol.
  • Trademark availability searches and analysis.
  • Applying for the renewal of trademark registrations.
  • Providing possible trademark infringement advice.
  • Initiating/defending trademark opposition and taking cancellations.