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Last modified: 17/01/2021

Nowadays, Vietnam is one of the developing countries having market access policies that attract a lot of investors. Evidence shows that in 5 years recently, the flow of FDI in Vietnam has increased dramatically due to the investment of foreign investors. Therefore, DUONG LUAT would like to share with you some essential information about the procedures to register a company in Vietnam.

Steps to register a company in Vietnam

  • Apply for the Investment Registration Certificate;
  • Apply for the Bussiness Registration Certificate;
  • Apply for other licenses such as Bussiness License for the companies which retail directly to customers or speciaized licenses to meet the requirements of some conditional business lines such as Training, Travel, Legal, Healthcare,…

Step 1: Register the Investment Registration Certificate

Authority to issue the Investment Registration Certificate

  • Management boards of industrial parks, export-processing zones, hi-tech zones, economic zones shall receive, issue, adjust, and revoke the investment registration certificate of the investment projects located therein;
  • The Services of Planning and Investment shall zones shall receive, issue, adjust, and revoke Certificates of investment registration of the investment projects outside industrial parks, export-processing zones, hi-tech zones, economic zones, except for the case below;
  • The Service of Planning and Investment of the province where the investor intends to place the head office or operating office to execute the investment project shall receive, issue, adjust and revoke Certificates of investment registration of:
  • Any investment project that spreads over multiple provinces;
  • Any investment project executed both inside and outside industrial parks, export-processing zones, hi-tech zones, and economic zones

The dossier you need to prepare to apply for the Investment Registration Certificate

  • A written request for permission for execution of the investment project;
  • A copy of the ID card or passport (if the investor is an individual); a copy of the Certificate of establishment or an equivalent paper that certifies the legal status of the investor (if the investor is an organization);
  • An investment proposal that specifies: investor(s) in the project, investment objectives, investment scale, investment capital, method of capital raising, location, and duration of investment, labor demand, requests for investment incentives, assessment of socio-economic effects of the project;
  • Copies of any of the following documents: financial statements of the last two years of the investor; commitment of the parent company to provide financial support; commitment of financial institutions to provide financial support; a guarantee for investor’s financial capacity; description of investor’s financial capacity;
  • Office lease agreement, documents proof of the lessor’s right (Certificate of land use right, construction permit, certificate of business registration with the function of real estate business of the lessor or equivalent documents);
  • Demand for land use; if the project does not use land allocated, leased out by the State, or is not permitted by the State to change land purposes, then a copy of the lease agreement or other documents certifying that the investor has the right to use the premises to execute the project shall be submitted;
  • The explanation for the application of technologies to the project mentioned in the List of technologies restricted from transfer under the law on technology transfer, which specifies: names of technologies, origins, technology process diagram, primary specifications, conditions of machinery, equipment, and primary technological line;
  • The business cooperation contract (if the project is executed under a business cooperation contract).

Proceed to register the Investment Registration Certificate

Firstly, the investor must register by declaring online information about investment projects on the National Foreign Investment Information System. Within 15 days from the date of online filing, the investor submits the application file for the Investment Registration Certificate to the Investment Registration Authority. After the application is received, the investor is provided with an online account to access the National Foreign Investment Information System to track the processing and results of the application. In case of obtaining a successful investment registration certificate, the investment registration agency will issue a code through this account to the investment project; In case the application is rejected, this agency must notify the investor in writing and explain the reason.

Step 2: Register the Bussiness Registration Certificate
The dossier and the procedures that you need to register a company is the same as the company which has Vietnamese capital

The dossier includes:

  • An application form for business registration;
  • The company’s charter;
  • A list of members (for limited company) or stakeholders (for the joint-stock company);
  • Certified copies of Copies of the ID card or other ID papers of members being individuals;
  • The decision on Establishment, Business Registration Certificate, or an equivalent document of the organization and the letter of authorization; the ID card or other ID papers of the authorized representatives of members being organizations. If a member is a foreign organization, the copy of the Certificate of Business registration or an equivalent document must be consular legalized;
  • The Investment registration certificate of the foreign investors as prescribed by the Law on Investment
  • Legal service provision contract (Authorization contract) to authorize DUONG LUAT to perform the business establishment service

You need to submit the application dossier at the Business Registration Authority through the National Business Registration Portal within 03 – 05 days, the business registration agency will issue a business registration certificate. After being granted a Business Registration Certificate, you must make a public announcement on the National Business Registration Portal in the order and procedures within 30 days from the date of publication.

Disclaimer. This briefing is for information purposes only. Its contents do not constitute legal advice and should not be regarded as detailed advice in individual cases. For legal advice, please contact us at: or (+84)-28 3838 6989

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