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Considerations for setting up a company in Vietnam

Last modified: 24/12/2021

Although the Vietnamese market presents lucrative business opportunities, foreign investors must be aware of legal quandaries and risks involved. These aspects could be a bigger impediment to businesses in Vietnam if not taken into account. Here are the key considerations prior to invest in Vietnam.

1. Choosing the Right Legal Entity to invest in Vietnam

Depending on the nature and scale of the business, investor can select a form of company to be set up. For instance, a foreign investor can choose from a foreign-owned company (usually an LLC), a representative office, a nominee company, or a shelf company.

However, despite the ease of forming an LLC, if you own a medium or a large corporation, forming a Joint Stock Company (JSC) would probably be the more optimal entity for you.

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2. Rent an office to register company

Unlike a local company, in application of foreign capital company shall be included of documents of company office. Therefore, prior to submit the application, investor needs to rent an office.

Regarding Vietnam’s regulations, the offfice can be a physical office or a virtual office.

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3. Business lines of company

Currently, there are restrictions related to the business for enterprises with 100% foreign capital. Specifically, there are prohibited occupations of foreign enterprises and the implementation of business conditions.

Investors need to know which are (partly) allowed to invest in Vietnam and which are prohibited business as well as conditions of such business in order to have right decisions.

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4. Preparation of documents needed for incorporation

It is not easy to prepare the documents since the documents are up to the investor’s form which is organization or individual.

In additions, the legal documents issued at oversea, in almost cases, need to be consularization and legalization. Therefore, the investors should know to prepare fully documents for the procedure effectively and timely.

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5. Select a right assistance to support for incorporation a company in Vietnam

Duong Luat Business and Investment Consulting has extensive knowledge of the Vietnamese market as well as professional expertise with the registration and formation of businesses in Vietnam.

Our comprehensive business solutions are just what you need if you’re not sure whether an organization is suitable for you.

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