Company Incorporation Services in Vietnam

Production of tobacco products

Last modified: 22/04/2021

1. Legal Based. ACIA

Decree 67/2013 / ND-CP dated June 26, 2013

2. Detailing Conditions

2.1. ACIA: does not issue an Investment Registration Certificate to a foreign investor belonging to an ASEAN member country in order to:

  • Manufacture of cigarettes, including cigarettes and cigars; tobacco production.
  • Providing production related services including:

Processing tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, and tobacco cut by farmers under contracts or with fees; processing reconstituted tobacco on a contract or fee basis; Hookah processing on a contract basis or on a fee basis.

Services related to the processing of processed cigarettes for the manufacture of cigarettes on a contract or fee basis.

2.2. The law of Vietnam:

  • Ratio of ownership of charter capital: The State accounts for dominant proportion in case of investment in the form of joint venture;
  • Type of investment: joint venture, cooperation;
  •  Vietnamese partners participating in investment: Enterprises that have a license to manufacture tobacco products.
  • Obtain permission from the Prime Minister at the request of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.
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