Company Incorporation Services in Vietnam

Postal services (CPC 751 – Postal and delivery services, CPC 7511 – Postal services)

Last modified: 18/05/2021

1. Legal Based. WTO, FTAs, AFAS

2. Detailing Conditions

2.1. WTO, FTAs, AFAS:  There are no restrictions on express delivery for all documents including hybrid mail services, direct mail and parcels, other goods except for delivery of items. written information products for which the delivery fee is 10 times lower than that of a standard letter in the first volume [level] for domestic service, 9 US dollars (USD) for international service provided that the total weight of these articles does not exceed 2000g; packages (including yoke and catalog) and other goods.

2.2. The Law of Vietnam: No regulation on investment conditions applicable to foreign investors.

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