# Tax – Accounting Services (SMEs)

Monthly and quarterly tax reports

  • Classify, collect accounting documents
  • Instruct on how to write and manage invoices, receipts, payment bills, etc
  • Declare and submit monthly/quarterly VAT report
  • Report the situation of monthly and quarterly invoice usage
  • Report quarterly corporate income tax
  • Draft Annual Finance Statement

Management of bookkeeping

  • Make receipts and pay bills, journal ledger, ledger, detailed ledger, … as prescribed by law
  • Instruct how to bind the accounting documents in accordance with general standards
  • Enter in the accounts and record the bookkeeping by accounting software
  • Print and bind accounting documents, accounting books


  • Payroll Calculation and Reports; monthly payroll processing and bank transfer preparation.
  • Statutory Lodgments: monthly/quarterly PIT declarations, monthly SHUI (insurance) declarations for employees, and annual PIT finalizations; and
  • Other payroll support, including terminations, bonuses, warnings, and other matters arising within a business.