Documents to transform company to multi-member LLC

  • Application form for enterprise registration;
  • Charter of the converted company;
  • A list of members and legitimate copies of ID papers of the company’s members that are individuals and legitimates copies of certificate of enterprise registration or equivalent documents of the company’s members being organizations;
  • An individual:
  • Vietnamese nationality: identity card or passport;
  • Foreign nationality: Passport; Temporary residence registration certificate, issued by a competent Vietnamese agency (for legal representatives).
  • An organization:
  • Establishment decision; Enterprise registration certificate or equivalent documents;
  • One of the personal identification papers of the authorized representative and the corresponding authorization decision.

Note: If the new member is a foreign organization, the above-mentioned authentication papers must be consular legalized and have a Vietnamese translation certified by a competent agency).

  • Transfer contract or documents proving completion of the transfer; or giveaway contract in case the company’s owner gives away part of charter capital to another individual or organization; the decision of the company’s owner on raising more capital (if any);
  • Approval of the Department of Planning and Investment in writing for foreign investor’s capital contribution, share purchase, and capital contribution.