The goals of clients are considered as our own ones, and prestige is always the top criteria that we pursue through every project. Therefore, we have been the strategic partner of many enterprises, including global big brand names, with efficient and effective outsourcing services in order to assist customers in totally focus on core competence and optimize business.

Our translation service is a response to the communication needs of our clients. We offer quality legal translation services for corporate and individual clients as well as multinational companies located in Vietnam. As a result, many foreign and local companies rely on us to provide accurate and timely translations. In addition, we also offer certified legal document translation services which are accepted by the majority of Government agencies and courts in Vietnam.

Thanks to certified legal translators specializing in translation of registration documents, licenses, litigation, legal ruling, laws and regulations, affidavits, legal statements and certifications, depositions, witness and court transcripts, contracts, etc., we provide our clients with reliable support as they tackle complex local regulatory and legal systems in Vietnam and resolve complicated commercial and civil disputes.