Company Incorporation Services in Vietnam

Setting up a company in Vietnam


Nowadays, Vietnam is one of the developing countries having market access policies that attract a lot of investors. Evidence shows that in 5 years recently, the flow of FDI in Vietnam has increased dramatically due to the investment of foreign investors.
Therefore, DUONG LUAT would like to share with you some essential information about the procedures to register a company in Vietnam.

Considerations for setting up a company in Vietnam

Although the Vietnamese market presents lucrative business opportunities, foreign investors must be aware of legal quandaries and risks involved. These aspects could be a bigger impediment to businesses in Vietnam if not taken into account. Here are the key considerations […]

Forms of legal entity in Vietnam

A foreign entity may establish its presence in Vietnam in various forms of business, such as setting up a Limited Liability Company with one or more members, a Joint Stock Company, a Partnership, a Branch, a Representative Office or a […]

New guidance on M&A approval process

With the effect of the Law on Investment 2020, the Ministry of Planning and Investment issued Official Letter No.8909/BKHDT-PC at the very end of last year, providing guidance on the implementation of investment procedures. These are the key points and […]

Foreigners contribute capital to a local LLC

Many foreign investors choose to contribute capital to a limited liability company because this type of company is very safe with limited responsibility and strict control. Therefore, we would like to share with you some legal information for foreign investors […]

Set up a representative office in Vietnam

A representative office is the most convenient and practical means of initially setting up in the country. This is even more critical given that setting up other forms of commercial presence may be either complicated and time-consuming but the representative […]

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