Company Incorporation Services in Vietnam

Asset management services follower on fee or contraction basis (cpc 82202)

Last modified: 26/04/2021

1. Legal Based. AFAS

2. Detailing Conditions

2.1. WTO, FTAs: Not included in the Schedule.

2.2. AFAS: Fee or contract immigrant property management service (including activities under which an organization or person is engaged in immigrant property business is authorized by the owner. own and / or a user of immigrant property (including single homes, townhouses, apartment buildings, or multiple use buildings that are primarily immigrant homes, etc.) through a contract, to carry out the maintenance, operation and exploitation (including sale, lease, lease and appraisal …) of immigrant property Excluding property management services related to agricultural, forest assets and similar assets on a fee or contract basis): None

2.3. The Law of Vietnam: No regulation on investment conditions applicable to foreign investors.

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